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Grown Up Children 1986 mca records

Grown Up Children

Released - 1986, on MCA Records
Produced by - Tony Brown & David Hungate

Larry Hoppen
Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Lance Hoppen
John Hall
Guitars, Vocals


1. Speed Of Love
(Larry Hoppen, John & Johanna Hall)
2. Grown Up Children
(Larry Hoppen & John Hall)
3. I'll Go Crazy
(Larry Hoppen)
4. You're Mine
(John & Johanna Hall)
5. Lady Liberty
(John & Johanna Hall)
6. Language Of Love
(Steve Wariner, John & Johanna Hall)
7. Fly Away
(John & Johanna Hall)
8. Circles
(Larry Hoppen)
9. On Hold
(John & Johanna Hall)
10. I've Got To Hand It To You
(John Hall)

Singles Released

1. You're Mine b/w Language Of Love
2. Lady Liberty b/w (unknown)

Orleans History & Interesting Facts

1. Former member and founder Wells Kelly passes away in 1984 in England while on tour with Meatloaf. His passing reunites John Hall, Larry Hoppen & Lance Hoppen for a brief performance at his memorial service.

2.  John Hall returns to the band.

3.  Although not credited Bob Leinbach returned to the band during this period. (Lance)

4. The first collaboration between John Hall and Larry Hoppen appears on the "Grown Up Children" album.

5.  David Hungate played bass on "Grown Up Children."  Lance contributed only vocals.  The LP was recorded in Nashville in 1985 and released in 1986.  Here's some insight regarding the industry in Nashville around 1985, there tends to be guys who are either session players OR road players. There are not many who get to do both, although there are some who are considered so good and in such demand for recording, that they can take a high-paying road gig and still get calls for sessions when they get back.
There is also a thing where producers use certain players most/all of the time. Change the singer but keep the same band.
Top it off with the idea of "vocal group" and a lack of trust that guys in bands can actually play, and you have a situation like "GrownUp Children." We got a deal through Tony Brown (who is now THE most successful producer/label head in Nashville, and he was overseen by Jimmy Bowen, a legendary mogul. David Hungate (bassist from Toto) was a staff producer under Tony. They dictated the "Bowen method", which included a certain set of players. John was able to convince them that he should play on tracks to guide the feel, and Larry (and John got to play some overdubs. But all the tracks were cut with Hungate on bass.

6.. Although Grown Up Children didn't do well on the charts the song Juliet, written by John Hall and Larry Hoppen, was a hit for The Oak Ridge Boys reaching number 15 on the Top Country Charts, and appears on their "Seasons" album.

7.  To my knowledge, this is the last LP by Orleans to be released in that format.  From this point on all future releases are on CD.

Grown Up Children, back cover, 1986
Lyrics appeared on the back cover

oak ridge boys, seasons
The Oak Ridge Boys, Seasons album,
which included the hit Juliet, written by John Hall & Larry Hoppen.

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